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Book a 1:1 with us


If you're interested in scheduling a meeting with me for resume review, private tutoring sessions, or interview preparation tips (behavioral, technical, etc.), I offer paid private sessions. If you have any questions before scheduling a meeting, feel free to join my Discord and message me there. For basic questions that don't require a private session, you can also post in my Discord and I'll be happy to help. Honestly, most of the time, if it's a simple question, CSCareers, or just asking on Discord is fine. Private session is just for those who want something more in-depth for a specific need + strategizing + figuring out something custom for you.

Prefer to just DM me on Discord for a faster response!

30 min, $45 : This is for people for resume review / strategizing / interview prep / large amount of specific questions for your situation.

60 min, $80 : This is for people who wants to do mocks (behavioral or technical), also strategizing and learning about their situations.