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Resume Templates

Jakes resume Template, a very popular template in CSCareers Discord I highly recommend

Justin's Resume template PDF - my own resume template in Pages for Macs.

Justin's Resume template Pages - the actual editable .pages file. Linked to my old notion document so that it can host the file.

Technical Studying

Grokking the Coding Interview Design Guru

Yes - there is a another version on a website called: But that is an older version. The author wrote a newer version on I recommend to get it from design guru b/c it is a lifetime access for 80 dollars, vs the forces you to buy a yearly subscription or a "yearly annual" for their whole website, which tries to trick you by telling you the monthly breakdown (but you need to pay annually for that rate).

So just support the author directly if you don't already have and get designguru. But if you have is also fine! The differences between the two is minimal.


Yes... Leetcode is still helpful for specific company prep, preparing different types of questions, and just getting used to seeing many different questions.

Personally, I find that some people just start off with Algoexpert better. Some people are able to follow through with Algoexpert a lot easier, and using my trick on getting a cheap course, I think it's a great resource to use.

Master the coding interview big tech

I think ZeroToMastery just does such a good job with their courses. This is one of my favorites, as it shows the analytical approach to how to destructure questions. And interestingly enough, we both in parallel come to the same conclusion, on how to deconstruct questions (my coding template was developed separately from the course, but we both came to the same/similar approaches).

Coding Template

Coding Template This is the coding template that I use during my interview.

Best Communities Discord is one of the best communities to join. It is active, and have people of differing levels. It does tend to lean towards students, but there are also many now full-time employees who are active.