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Definitions to know when interviewing

These are some definitions you should know when interviewing.

Behavioral InterviewWhen you are tested on questions about your behavior and thought process.
Technical InterviewWhen you are tested on algorithmic-like questions or questions related to your subject matter expertise.
Online Assessment (OA)Companies will often first send out an online assessment. These assessments often test algorithmic-like questions that you will find on Leetcode, or if you are in DS/ML, they can test you additionally on SQL or other related subject matters.
Phone InterviewOften following the online assessment will be a phone interview. This means an interview over the phone or webcam, where you will be given a shared editor and you need to answer algorithmic questions on the phone. This often serves as an initial screening. This usually consists of 1 and sometimes rarely even 2 rounds of interviews.
Final Round (aka super day)If you pass the OA/phone interview, you will be given a final round which can consist of usually around 3 to 5 rounds of interviews. (This can be less if you are interviewing for internship, potentially even just 1 round.) These interviews are mainly technical interviews, with maybe 1 behavioral round.